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[ASTRO] Responding to the sadest news

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I must say I appreciate Star Crunch for letting us at the list know this
instead of finding out in other ways( that would of been awfull).
MOA is a great band , I must say the best I have ever seen live.
Star Crunch to me seemed like a vital link to the band, and I am still in
shock, but I think Mike( don't shoot me if I am wrong) had a good point
with the begining of the end with the Clone Tour.That they may have been
just training replacements for the both of them. I am just
sad to see him go . We must all have some changes in our earth bound lives
from time to time. I wish him the best! Please let the list know what you
are doing... projects ect... we would like to keep updated with the
futhering career of our Star Crunch. Let's not forget Dexter! I am double
sad they will both be gone and missed. I don't think I will ever look at a
MOA show the same way again( if they tour US again). I just loved watching
Star Crunch's style of playing and expertise. I just remember every show
I have ever seen of them he always climed into the rafters of the stage
and tried to keep on playing.
RIP: the best tasting Debbie Cakes ever! Star Crunch!

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