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[ASTRO] Re: so it goes...

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

DexterLabs@aol.com wrote:

> .. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]
> this is truly upsetting news... however, the astro-men have blessed us with
> wonderful music for longer than any band i can think of.  it had to happen
> sometime.  however, i am shattered.
> i was typing away at work and figured i'd check my email. i sort of wish i
> hadnt.
> im not sure if replacements will be the same... and dexter as well? nooo#@$

yeah, well, feel sorry for us poor bastards that just recently got into the
astromen..at least i got to see em once last year..but i Can say, and i think
anyone that saw the last clone show would agree, that replacements are
possible..certainly preferable to no astromen at all..and id think that if the
entity known as Man..Or AstroMan? was actually disbanding in any way, we would
have been told that, not just that starcrunch is leaving..i hope..
so wheres CoCo with some damage controll??

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