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[ASTRO] Re: signing off

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Star Crunch wrote

>this departure comes as a result of recent talks with the
>band that revealed increasing differences of opinions of what the entity
>known as man or astro-man actually is.

Before I go on, I just want to point out that I share some of the 
previously expressed opinions; SC will be missed and I wish him well for 
the future.

However, and I don't specifically mean to pry, but I was curious as to 
what these differences of opinion might be. Anyone have any idea as what 
the band see themselves as?

This is really just an RFC, but I was wondering if the last album, Made 
from Technetium, perhaps signalled a change in direction? MFT is a fine 
album, but it was definitely different; less samples and a distinctly 
heavier/grungier/less-surfy feel. This makes me wonder (sorry to even 
suggest this) if there is less humour in the band than before and perhaps 
they're taking themselves a little more seriously?

Was perhaps SC at odds with Coco over this, or do I (as is often the 
case) not know what I'm talking about?


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