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[ASTRO] People come and people go

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

Hi you all in astro-land
Since this is my first contribution to this list, let me just introduce
I'm mailing you from Belgium. You know B-E-L-G-I-U-M, renowned for its
Brussels sprouts, Bruges, waffles and child rapists.
I live in Antwerp, which is rather close to Denmark and I am a 23 year old
professional translator English-Spanish-French and some say also Greek, but
who gives a damn anyway.
Apparently there are some people who have difficulties coping with the great
loss of two aliens, 'cos in the turmoil you might have forgotten what we are
talking about, ALIENS with earthly names such as Star Crunch or Dexter. But
you know, since most aliens can assume any shape they want to, you can be
damn sure of the fact that their replacements will be just exactly the same
entities, but with different earthly shapes. If we Earthlings can have
plastic surgery, why should Aliens not be entitled to changing their
appearance every once in a while? Admit, they had you fooled, hadn't they?
Ciao and perestrojka. Support the Alien Equal Rights Foundation.
P.S. If anyone of you should feel the need to write me or just likes
discussing decent music, please do, I might respond to mails about surf and
rockabilly, classic indie rock, Fugazi, Victims Family, Cop Shoot Cop, Jon
Spencer, Rocket From the Crypt, Crypt Records, Estrus, Flying Nun, Tom
Waits, Elvis Costello or maybe you'd like to know something about the tiny
spot on the map people call Belgium or you just need a friendly keyboard...
P.S. If you want to buy decent Belgian music, please don't buy our national
whining rip-off pride K's Choice (yukyuk, but they're getting bigger all the
time), go for dEUS or Evil Superstars instead and maybe if your decent
record store has good import: the Seatsniffers (rockabilly on Munich) or les
Vice Barons (terrific surf on Demolition Derby).

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