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[ASTRO] Re: signing off

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> This is really just an RFC, but I was wondering if the last album, Made 
> from Technetium, perhaps signalled a change in direction? MFT is a fine 
> album, but it was definitely different; less samples and a distinctly 
> heavier/grungier/less-surfy feel. This makes me wonder (sorry to even 
> suggest this) if there is less humour in the band than before and perhaps 
> they're taking themselves a little more seriously?
> Was perhaps SC at odds with Coco over this, or do I (as is often the 
> case) not know what I'm talking about?
> Matthew

I share your opinion that MFT seemed to indicate a band starting
to take themselves "seriously", which can be death to a band like
MOA?.  MFT has grown on me and is a fine album, but it doesn't have
the unabashed sense of fun that you get from other albums or a
live MOA? show.

My guess is that the "seriousness" movement has been in large part
a Starcrunch thing, and that this is one of the bones of contention.
My other guess is that Starcrunch was less than overwhelmingly
enthusiastic about this whole Clone thing.  As far as I know Starcrunch
is the only MOA? member not involved in multiple touring bands (please
correct me if I'm wrong).  So it is understandable that the other
members would want to concoct this Clone thing to give themselves
a break. 

It is similarly understandable that Starcrunch wouldn't be
too happy about cooling his heels, making little or no money, while
other guys are out gigging, making money, pretending to be him and
not living up to his high-quality standards of playing.

For my money, you need all three core members to make a true MOA?.
Only the fourth member is replaceable (no offense to the awesome
Dexter X, who's talents are better displayed in Servotron anyway).
Anything else is a counterfeit, like the Clones.  

I will no doubt buy records and attend shows of any band calling 
themselves Man or ASTROMAN?, but it won't be the same.  I just hope
they find someone with adequate talent and style to make a new MOA?
just as good, only different.


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