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[ASTRO] Re: signing off

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I was waiting for this sort of thing to happen. Over the past school year most
of the post on the list have been about ori or servotron. the whole time
starcrunch was not mentioned very much (my favorite) in reference to MOAM. I
think he so very talented. I have always asked myself the question why don't
MOAM put out more music (like they had before) instead of all these band
member focusing time on other projects. Spending time on other bands takes
away from MOAM which is why we're here. Starcrunch is the only member i know
of that has not been seriously involved in another project. 

I feel that MOAM should disband. I think that with starcrunch and dexter
leaving i think will be too much of a transition. it will totally be a
different band. i know all bands go through changes (and musically should) but
past line up changes were subtle and what seemed for the better. Hope i don't
piss anyone off but i do feel it would be the best if MOAM did disband. Don't
get me wrong MOAM IS MY FAVORITE BAND! I'd hate to see them break up. Worse i
would hate to see them turn into something i didn't even want to listen to or
go see live. kinda like the clones. many bands are able to replace members
when they leave. this is totally different from a minor lineup change. this
will be a totally new band and i think they should treat it as such. re-name
MOAM with the 2 new members, cause it wont be MOAM! 
Let the other members concentrate on ori and servotron. Seriously who the fuck
is gonna replace Starcrunch? ya whatever.


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