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[ASTRO] Re: signing off

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Mookie speculates: 

> My guess is that the "seriousness" movement has been in large part
> a Starcrunch thing, and that this is one of the bones of contention.

I would share that guess.  It's just a guess, because I haven't heard 
any member of the band describe their philosophical differences that 
way, but it's consistent with hints in things I have heard them say.  
And with the fact that Servotron, in which Star Crunch is not 
involved, is a nutty concept band.

> My other guess is that Starcrunch was less than overwhelmingly
> enthusiastic about this whole Clone thing. 

I don't think that's correct.  He told me he was the MoA? member most 
sick of touring. 

> As far as I know Starcrunch
> is the only MOA? member not involved in multiple touring bands (please
> correct me if I'm wrong).  So it is understandable that the other
> members would want to concoct this Clone thing to give themselves
> a break. 

The way I understand it, the other three are involved in other bands 
because they LIKE touring.  Star Crunch isn't because he doesn't.

> For my money, you need all three core members to make a true MOA?.
> [...] Anything else is a counterfeit, like the Clones.  

Anyone else on lead guitar will sound different, that's for sure.  
And the songwriting will change.  I'm optimistic that MoA? will 
still be great, in a different way.  And that Crunch (if he chooses 
to keep using that name) will do something new that's cool.
--Moon Dawg

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