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[ASTRO] Dexter signs off

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

I received the following transmission from the computerless Dexter X, 
and was asked to forward it to the list:


"After an unusually long hiatus.  I recently received word announcing
the absolute departure by Star Crunch from the musical group Man or
Astroman? Myself unable to envision a Man or Astroman? with any of the
three vital components missing (Birdstuff, CoCo, Star Crunch) I have
found it time to move on towards other projects. and choose a new path
in achieving my quest for planetary overthrow. Upper management at
MOAHQ did not offer me a choice in the matter making the decision a
much easier one to conclude. In closing I say to all the bouncers who
have enjoyed punching me, and all the patrons in the front who were
forced to endure the constant assault of my alien sweat after I
insisted on wrapping myself in plastic, thanks for the snack cakes,
and an exciting 3 years as your entertainment.

Dexter X


Btw, for those who are hoping that this is all some kind of a hoax, 
that Star Crunch never really sent his sign-off message, I can 
regretfully confirm that it's all too real.

--Moon Dawg

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