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[ASTRO] thank you \ touring w/ cows \ bass tabs

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

thank you Coco and Birdstuff for clearing up confusion and ending
panic-ed discussions.
as far as touring goes...
so how 'bout TULSA, OK ...about 1.5 hours from OKC
ask Bad Religion how it is...they kept rambling about how they want to
come back to Oklahoma..."the big cow pasture"
speaking of which...anyone like South Park?  has anyone seen the
satellite-up-cartman's-arse episode where the alien visitors decide that
cows are the only intelligent form of life on earth... ?
therefore, come to Tulsa...for the many cows with which you can discuss
deeply philosophical and scientific [topics].

does any know where to find astro-bass tabs, or tabs to pixies, the
cure...any good band... ?

i'm done

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