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[ASTRO] StarCrunch's Departure

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

Well maybe I am in the denial stage still, but...
Can we get some confirmation on this? Coco? Grant?
Its very easy to forge email addresses, let alone
get an account with a relevant sounding name.

If its true then I am very very sad. Starcrunch is
an amazing guitar player. His playing really resonated
with me. From Mermaid Love, Eric Estrotica, to
Man Made from CO2 & The Sound Waves, Reversing he
really came up with great songs, riffs, and playing.
I listen to MoAM? just about every day and never
seem to tire of them...they are great.. from their
early surfy stuff to MFT..a very inventive and
creative outfit.



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