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[ASTRO] Re: Coco and Birdstuff here...

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Coco your post has cheered me up loads....I'm glad you've taken the time
to dispel the rumours that were starting to abound...for a while there it
looked like the end was nigh. Ta!

>dates in Spain, Italy, and Greece are planned.  Star Crunch and Dexter X

Welllll....what about Ireland??? You've never played here and believe
me you have a lot of fans here! We can teach you the benefits of the high
octane starship fuel known as Guinness...you could even ask your fellow 
Touch & Goer Mr Albini what he and the Battlestar Shellactica thought of
the place. Just one date...thats all we ask!

Star Crunch and Dexter X >>> All the best in your future exploits...you
guys have made a mark on this earth bigger than that comet in Armageddon
could ever do.


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