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[ASTRO] Coco and Birdstuff here...

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>Greetings all,
>Well, at this point I am sure you are all aware of the situation concerning
>Star Crunch and Dexter X.
>As this may come as a shock to many of you, to all of us, and those who
>have been close enough, this was in within the rangefinder for some time.>I am writing to let you all know that this is not, by any means, the end of
>Man or Astro-man?
>Over the course of our exploits here on earth, we have met and worked with
>many other musicians/scientists, both of this planet, and from beyond.  We
>will be continuing our work here on this planet in the best ways we can.
>We will miss Star Cruch and Dexter X more than any of you will ever know,
>but as I am sure you all realize, with the future, comes constant change.
>Star Crunch and Dexter will not, and can not be replaced.
>We have found other beings with which we will continue, but they are
>themselves individuals, and no attempt will be made to make Man or
>Astro-man? what is was with Star Crunch and Dexter, as this would be futile.
>Birdstuff states in well:
>...I'm sure you have been alerted with our current situation of
>the band and Star Crunch parting ways.  It has been something that has
>torn our
>stomachs apart for a while now, and I'm at least feeling better that there has
>been a resolution.  Most succinctly stated, it's not about the content of
>someone being right or wrong; it's more that we have philosophical differences
>that are irreconcilable.  I know that sounds like an Aerosmith press release,
>but as much as we respect everyone on the list, no one could understand this
>except for Star Crunch, Coco, and myself.  It's kind of like trying to make
>your friends understand your relatives- you just sometimes have unique
>perspective simply because you lived something yourself.
>	I know Coco and I both really love Star Crunch and are going to
>support him with anything in which he becomes involved.  He's extremely
>talented and funny and I am sure he is capable of doing something
>astounding with music or otherwise.
>The bottom line is that I think he's going to be better off in whatever the
>future holds, and I also believe Coco and I are going to feel better, and
>we do
>honestly believe the band will be stronger than it has been in recent times.
>Obviously, it will never be the same and the last thing we want is to have a
>parody of the old line-up.  We continue with Man or Astro-Man? because we love
>the idea of the band and what it is about to us- a new band would just be a
>Man or Astro-Man? rip- off band.  I will let you know more about our future
>plans and new members  (please try not to use the word "replacements") as they
>come up.  Speaking of parodies, everyone must believe me that the clone
>project was not spawned by any of this. We have wanted to do the clones
>since 1994 and  it was convenient timing with the band beginning to write
>again.  Truthfully, under current climate I would like to cancel the whole
>thing, but I have people that have worked very hard, taken off work and
>sacrificed their own bands to make this happen.  Cancelling it would be
>unfair to the many people involved.  Please try to understand and support
>this last bit of cloning....
>Back to Coco....
>It would be impossible to convey thet vast amount of past that goes into
>making the present, but I will try and shed a tiny amount of light on the
>climate of the situation.  Not to make light of Dexter's role in Man or
>Astro-man?, but those who have been watching have noticed the rotation in
>that role in the past. This role has primaritly been the role of providing
>the live ability to do what the core has developed in the lab.  This
>position has always been one of rotation, although we must admit there will
>never be another Dexter X.
>The changes that are taking place are the result of positive steps to make
>Man o
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