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[ASTRO] The times they are a-changin'

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Well, just had to say that the message from Coco and Birdstuff brought a 
tear to this jaded eye--not a tear of sadness...more like the tear that 
wells up after watching a particularly inspiring movie or after you have 
finished reading a really good novel...you hate to see it end, but you 
know it has to end...and now you can't wait to see what comes next from 
the artists...the promise of the future is just too compelling....

I also want to mention that over the past few days I have mentioned this 
event to a number of record industry types, club owners, "insiders", 
blah blah blah...and not one of them had any idea what had occurred...I 
say this not to paint myself as some sort of "ultimate insider," but to 
point out the level of respect we we
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