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I could not believe yesterday...
I`m in my parents house spending my winter holidays, no internet and stuff, so I went down to a friends house to check my e-mail, so I was so happy, 50 msgs, and looking among then, I saw, "CoCo and Birdstuff here" it was the first I saw... So I look at this first, thinking that i t would be a great msg,a bout the astoman and stuff... but how surprised I became when I read it and figured out that Dexter X and Star Crunch were out... I can`t believe it...

Tomorrow I`ll be in a friend Radio Show, called Crossroads, I was suposed to play some misfits stuff, as they played here in Brazil this week, but after these sad news, I will play MOAM... I have only 5 of their records, Intravenous, Live trasmissions..., Deluxe men in space, What remains inside a black hole and the UFO 7``, also have some compilatios, that are Cowabunga, the surf box, Beyound the beach and All Punk Rods. If any of you want to help me, please send a e mail with some sujestions of songs that I could play there

And would you please send a cc to my brothers mail, glerme@mcnet.com.br, it is easier for me to receive this before the radio showin this mail... 



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