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[ASTRO] calmer and braver now...

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Ok.  Like many others my fears were much soothed by the post from
Coco and Birdstuff.  I am ready to face the ASTRO-future with
hope and courage now.  My apologies to Coco, Birdstuff and others
for my fear-driven over-reaction.  The sky isn't falling after

I think it is particularly meaningful that they acknowledge that
attempting to "replace" Starcrunch and Dexter-X would be a mistake.
The idea of creating a new MOA? is much more valid.  And I am convinced
that continuing to call it MOA? is also valid.

Although no longer fearful, I am highly curious.  Will the new members
be guitarists?  We needn't assume so.  Will MOA? continue to play
older material live?  If so, I wonder if they are going to have
some fun with re-arranging, especially if there is different
instrumentation.  Will the new MOA? play the MST3K theme?  
If so, which version of the lyrics will they sing?

I dearly hope that Servotron remains intact, complete with the
00ZX1 and Z40BX we all know and fear.


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