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a VERY VERY LONG astro-eulogy


Suprisingly enough, no, I had no idea the fate that has befallen the astromen.

Man, I feel somewhat depressed at hearing this, seeing as Man..or Astroman? have
been a continual staple if my youth,  much like adults view the beatles. But, damn,
MoA? was much more special than any poppy english band ever have or will be.

As disappointing as this news is, I have to believe that good will come out of this.
I mean, look at the picture: MoA? are not as simple or cliche as, say, the Eagles;
we're talking about Coco and Birdstuff - these guys are not easy to drain
creativily. In an interview that I hope I may have sent (or if not, will soon send)
you, it was revealed to me three separate MoA? side projects (and please, I'm
sharing ALL the following info with the band's trust of me in mind. So this info
does not leave your PC. Sure I'm paranoid, and even joking myself into thinking
something's bigger than it is, but hey, nothing would be more devestating than for
MoA? to think me an untrustable gossiper. Thanks.):

    1. Servotron (whom you know all about, except maybe, that Dexter X was in a
previous Costa Mesa band called Supernova. Supposedly the story goes that Supernova,
whose theme os very similar to MoA?'s but was Dexter's brainchild,  were bickering
with each other and decided to call it quits. After Dexter left to go off on his
own, thinking his previous bandmates were doing the same, the remaining members
replaced him and reformed, only to use re-use the schtick he created (er, borrowed)
and eventually sign to a label, and eventualy sort of make it. Needless to say,
Dexter and his former bandmates do not get along. Anyway, when MoA? decided to cover
a Supernova tune which was penned by them when Dex was a member, they presumably
picked up Dex to replace Cpt. Zeno as live perfomance rithym guitarist. Phew! Oh,
and Cpt. Zeno is currently a member of a Georgia band called The Quadrajets, whose
first album and single were recorded by J. Marrer and, you guessed it, Birdstuff. )

2. A.T.O.M. (Coco told me this one. Supposedly this was Coco and Starcrunch's
experimental side project to work on while the rest of the band were doing the
Servotron thing. They told me this when I was asking about the strange astro-noise
tracks such as are heard on the "Deluxe Men in Space" CD/EP; "...In Space" 7";
"Intraveneous Television Continuum" CD/LP, and "Disjointed Parallels" 7".
Presumably, A.T.O.M. were to be dedicated to that weird experimental stuff. When I
emailed Coco in the last few months, he said that even though nothing has came out
about that, it is not abandoned yet. Who knows now; I think Coco alone could carry
it with his Theremin)

3. Peeter Gabriel (No joke. This is supposedly the Starcrunch side project which
might have been told to me as a joke, but I doubt it, seeing as this could be a
possible outlet for Starcrunch's own musical agenda which would thus constitiute
musical differences within MoA?. As far as I know, nothing's came out, but you know
about as much as I do on this one.)

    Anyway, my main point is that we still have a chance to hear more from MoA?'s
members, albeit in a somewhat fragmented fashion.
    I'd like to add that when you look at the whole history of MoA?, you have to
wonder what else could be done to make everything "back to normal". This is not to
contradict what I said earlier about looking forward to future astro-happenings, but
ask yourself: what more can we have asked of Starcrunch? Did he not contribute
enough? (shit, he wailed 100%!). We should have enough respect to trust him, the one
who we know loved to rack as much as we loved to hear him. I think that three
possibilities exist: One, that the post was a fluke (not likely, because of what I
will later discuss). Two, that the band may have had an arguement to which
Starcrunch overreacted and will soon regret (unlikely, but if it is, I'm sure he'll
be welcomed back into the astro-family). Or three, he honestly feels his differences
cannot allow his membership in the band to yeild any "progress" (most likely, and
the one I believe).
    I'd really have to bet my money on that one. I mean, what would be their
options? Revert back to the typical surf MoA? sound? It's already established that
the band as a whole was sick of that, and besides, what else could they have done
within the traditional surf realm which would have been true to their innovative
nature? (To those who dislike MoA?'s supposed "new sound" (pushing the envelope on
your talents and risking alienating your fans, as crazy as it sounds, is not a "new
sound" at all; it is the essense of rock and roll, as well as part of the wild
nature of MoA?, duh.), and longing for their old surf stuff, I suggest a simple
remedy: listen to their albums AGAIN.) MoA? was all about science and rock: two
"schools' which are very similar to the "gaseous energy forms" that MoA? is made up
of, in that all three are in a constant state of flux. So, if anything, Starcrunch
is only being loyal to the band; if he feels the band cannot progress with him, we'd
better trust him about it just as we have all along.
    I am 1000% (or is that 1000X ?) for the sound changes that MoA? have undergone
in the past couple years (though if you chart the sound changes from album to album,
you see they have ALWAYS been changing. i.e. compare "Project Infinity" to "Is
it....". You see a slight  difference, just as you do between "Project Infinity" and
"Experiment Zero." In this view, "Is it..." and "Made From..." are not so completely
different.) and actually wish they were as busy releasing singles now as they have
in the past. And as innovative as their recent releases sound, I must stifle my
fears and await the response, just as MoA? did the final day of the "1000X"
recording session (read Birdstuff's diary entry). I must admit though, I feel as
though a talent may die too soon.

But because I trust and support them, I feel somewhat safe. It is unlikely that MoA?
have come up against a creative brick wall and more likely that Starcrunch, as I
have already reiterated, does not want to be a member of a band anymore - his
differences may lie in that HE has no more to contribute and does not want to drag
the rest of them behind with his reluctance.
    Man Or Astroman? has no other obligation or goal than to amaze and entertain us.
And it is possible that in their persuit we have lost a member. It is proof that
they are going in a new creative direction. If this destroys them, let us be
thankful that it ended before they wore out their welcome. I believe we will be

The reasons I believe it is not a hoax ties into the theory that the astro-clones
were simply a trial for replacement members. I received confidential information
backstage from one of the astro-clones that certain events during servotrons's
recent tour have made differences between Birdstuff and dexter, and that there was
talk of both Dexter leaving MoA? and a dissolution of servotron.(this is the part of
the confidential stuff I am requesting you keep under wraps).
    So this definitely lends credibility to Dexter leaving, which must somehow
coincide with Starcrunch's decision. Also, when servotron last came, dexter
mentioned a solo project under his Dexter X moniker, but he may (but not likely)
have been kidding. Anyway, the only flaw in this theory lies in the fact that this
decision came out before the astro-clone trial was finished (we still have Beta and
Gamma, an all-girl astro-clone band). Perhaps starcrunch is upset over the cloning
    On the up side of things, I have received word of two other future Birdstuff
collaborations (alla Servotron, which has yet to break up. Hmmmm... the second flaw
in the theory.) which I know nothing about.

    This whole news kinda overshadows my own personal news I thought I'd let you
know: I have been accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design (enrolled for
this september) in Georgia with a $6,000.00 scholarship. Birdstuff mentioned giving
me a tour of Atlanta in a postcard, but is unavailable until mid August for
real-time contact. I'll let you know more before I leave (which should be this early
september), and I will have my own email for college, which should simplify things
    Lastly, when you get a listen of the "Mission Into Chaos" single would you let
me know how you like it, as well as the tape I gave you at the astro-clone show?

Thanks for hanging in there and bearing with me, but I had to tell someone (take


p.s.- Also, I have recordings of Supernova and The Quadrajets, both of whom I
mentioned above. So if you have any requests... oh, I'm just now thinking of writing
a more essayish peice based in what I just wrote to you to be something posted on
the astrolist for dissallusioned and/or doubtful fans. Whaddayathink (too much