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[ASTRO] Re: Hayen/Dexter X

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On 8/26/98 3:08 PM ,Veronica Kyle (veronicakr@yahoo.com) said:

>  Ok, so first Dexter leaves the astro-boys, now he's destroying
>Servotron? Why are all my favorite bands experiencing such strife

"He's destroying Servotron" is a bit harsh.

I dunno. Right now I'm having a really hard time dealing with all the 
changes in MoAM? and I really didn't need the instability of Servotron to 
add to it.

>From Hayden in the article:

>"Look at this. In any
>other band I could go straight from here to a show and play in this." 

Yeah... true. But I doubt I'd be there. I wouldn't think Sevotron would 
be half the fun if they were standing aroung playing in plain clothes. 
One of the things I really love about MoAM? and Servotron is that there's 
more to it than hjust the music. It's a SHOW. The WHOLE thing is 
entertaining. They could probably play like crap and I'd still be amused. 
The fact that both bands can rock like nobody's business is simply 
incredible and seals the whole deal.


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