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[ASTRO] servotrons future..

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Astro-Grant wrote:

> .. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]
> On 8/26/98 3:08 PM ,Veronica Kyle (veronicakr@yahoo.com) said:
> >  Ok, so first Dexter leaves the astro-boys, now he's destroying
> >Servotron? Why are all my favorite bands experiencing such strife
> >lately?
> "He's destroying Servotron" is a bit harsh.

im a little confused here...just what was dexters role in servotron?  did he
do much more than just play?   i was under the impression that his part was
like his part with MOAM, except he also recorded with them.  cant the 'bots
just whip up a replacement?  i can handle the changes in MOAM, but i really
dont want to see servotron deactivate, or even just slow down..

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