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[ASTRO] Dexter X

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Too bad..

It's a shame that some people can't enjoy the touring experience.
I guess some people can do it...some weren't cut out for it. Its upsetting
though that two of the guitar players in my favorite band (I'm including Star
Crunch in that count), Man or Astroman (in case you need reminding), aren't
down with trekking across the land, playing music and meeting new people every
I know that Man or Astroman? tour a lot, and its a lotta hard work setting up
and tearing down...then driving long distances....and I'm sure I'm leaving out
some of the other belly aches...but it still saddens me that I won't be seeing
them in the MOAM lineup any more. Not to mention the news that Servotron will
be doing less in the future.
I'd give anything to be doing an Astro-tour.
Oh well.

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