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[ASTRO] Hayen/Dexter X

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  Ok, so first Dexter leaves the astro-boys, now he's destroying
Servotron? Why are all my favorite bands experiencing such strife
  I realize he may be tired of the touring and the cumbersome
costumes, but I'll miss him too much to accept his decision to
completely leave the music business. 
  Maybe he could do like Roger Manning does. He was in Jellyfish, the
Moog Cookbook, the Umajets, and Imperial Drag. Lately he's toured with
Air and Beck. He's done studio work with Ringo and a few bands.
Participating in a wide variety of projects let him be creative and
prevented him from being cemented into just one kind of music. 
  I just hope he changes his mind. It would be such a waste to throw
away all that talent. He can worry about "settling down" when he's 60!


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