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[ASTRO] Dexter X / Servotron news

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Here's a short item from John Britt's "The Heckler" column in today's 
_Flagpole_ (Athens, GA).  It's not up on their website yet 
<http:\\www.flagpole.com>, but it should be soon.

and Dick Dale fans alike hang their heads as local geek-rocker Hayden 
Thais hangs up his road uniforms and takes a break from the road.  as 
reported in the August 5 _Heckler_, Thais had left his position as 
guitarist Dexter X in the surf-rock space cadets Man or Astroman? and 
has now also decided to keep the activity of Devo-esque pop robot 
assassins Servotron down to a bare minimum.  Thais told _Flagpole_ 
that although he'd met a host of great people and appreciated the 
opportunity to travel both Europe and Stateside, the days of "trying 
to convince a club to let the band sleep on the stage" had to come to 
an end.  "I'm in more debt than I was before I got involved with 
these bands," explained the guitarist.  Servotron is still planning 
to release a split CD on Lance Rock Records -- which will also 
feature The UJ3R5's first album from 1979 -- but beyond that the band 
has no real status."

--Moon Dawg

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