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[ASTRO] Dexter / Servotron news, part 2

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Wait, there was more:

"WHAT'S A POOR ROBOT TO DO?  The rest of the band will pursue their 
own interests, both in and out of Athens, while Hayden is looking 
forward to settling down.  "The life of a touring musician caters 
first and foremost to the drunken womanizer," Thais told _Flagpole_.  
"If you're a drunken womanizer, [you should] get in a touring band -- 
you'll reach your goals.  If you're just some nerd that wants to be 
alone and read books, it's difficult.  We just didn't fit the 
criteria."  Years of touring with a van full of gadgets and clumsy 
outfits may have taken their toll:  Thais says that although he would 
never record, say, an album of sorrowful, introspective songs, his 
theme-band days of yore are past.  Sitting in _Flagpole's_ office 
recently, Hayden glanced at his green Levis and short-sleeve shirt 
and added, "Look at this.  In any other band I could go straight from 
here to a show and play in this."

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