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[ASTRO] Re: Best Astro-Album...

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Just because 'Crunch has left the building doesn't mean YOU have to,

I think it would be very hard to argue the contrary that the
Astro-Men's zenith is the holy trilogy of Destroy/Project/Experiment
in terms of style, fun factor; hitting their stride.

Without a doubt, the Astro-Men would whomp Sique-Sique-Sputnik in a
battle royal, regardless of what Nick thinks! (Love Missile F-111,


***Shameless self-promotion time:
Go here to see a piece I did for The Space Cossacks that is in the
surf band "Pollo Del Mar's" poster gallery:

>From there, take the "AstroSheep" link and go to "next" to view the 2
Servotron posters produced for their LAST tour and have only recently
got to posting them in color (thanks to all patrons who purchased
solely on the strength of the b/w proofs).

Just wait and see what i have cooking up my sleeve for the impending
Gamma-Clone attack!

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