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[ASTRO] the future of MoA?

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Amid all these doom-and-gloom messages, here's another reason for
optimism to add to the positive show reports from Europe.

I've just gotten the audio evidence from HQ that the "new band" has
already recorded two tracks, and they sound pretty sharp.  "A Synthesis of
Previously Unknown Substances" will appear on a surf compilation, and
"YoYo's Pad" (a cover) will appear on a comp of tunes from the catalogue
of Del-Fi Records.  You can tell it's Birdstuff on drums; you can tell
it's a different guitarist from the cleaner tone, but the style and mix
are not too dissimilar.  The songwriting is likewise not a radical break
in continuity from, say, "Man Made of CO2".  (But of course compilation
tracks aren't really an occasion for pushing the envelope.) 

I can't wait to hear the new lineup live.

Gamma Clones tonight in Savannah.  Report to follow.

--Moon Dawg

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