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[ASTRO] MOA?/Servotron Future V2.0+

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

Ok.  Here's another idea:

Dexter Why? becomes assimilated by Servotron to become the new

Chromocrunch, or whomever is touring with them in Euroupe right now,
stays with MOA?

Andro 600 and Proto Unit V3 pull double duty as members of both
Servotron and MOA?, on bass/rythm and keyboard/vocals, respectively.

Urg..  No.  I think we need a remix that doesn't have any MOA? members
spread too thin.

Ok.  Try this on for size:

MOA? Lineup

Birdstuff - Drums and screaming and drums
Coco - Cocotronics, Theremin, Fire, High Voltages, Crowd Liason, Etc.
Chromo - Guitar and Vox
Andro - Bass and Rythm
Proto - Keyboard and Vox

Servotron Lineup

Dex Why? - Guitar and Vox (and a new name)
O.R.I. - Everything else, semi-automated with Powerbooks

O.R.I. Lineup

Same as before, but they also engineer a batch or two of clones to
cover for them when they are robots.

That's the best I can do drawing exclusively from people in the
aforementioned bands (plus clones).  Of course, they'll do something
entirely different from this and it will most likely include new
people who haven't been in any of these bands before.

Just having a little fun.  Kind of like trying to cast the
"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" movie.


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