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[ASTRO] Bye Bye, Star Crunch

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Hi Astros!

This message from Brian/Star Crunch way just like a friend calling me, a
few years ago, and telling me, that another frined did in a car crash.

Well, what to say? 
first of all: We all have to thank him for bringing us so much great
music, for being a great guitar player and being such a nice guy.

My Star Crunch experiences:
When I first saw the astro-men in June 1997, he seemed to be the most
tired person in MOAM? The way he packed his things together after the
show was quite significant. And I felt sorry for him and the others,
because they had  a long travel from Enger/Germany to Roskilde, to play
the festival there. But he signed my "Destroy" record, as the others did,

When I saw the astro-men for the second time, I talked to Birdstuff a
rather long time, then talking to him and Star Crunch about certain
things, ad it was really nice. An amazing experience. Thanks, astro-men,
thanks a lot!

How do I feel now? Do I think, the astro-men are dead? Yeah, I canīt
imagine, that they will ever be the same. Sure, Birdstuff produced a lot
of their stuff, but Star wrote a lot of that, so... It seems certain to me
now, that noone can replace him.

a sad

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