A Haircut in
the Zorlock Pit

My MOAM Ticket

MOAM at the hideous LaLuna in PDX

A great show, of course, despite numerous technical difficulties (yes, more than usual even) and a WAY too rowdy crowd. These guys are real troopers, and turned every setback into a source of entertainment, even the tragic failure of CoCo's theremin. Down in the Zorlock pit itself, life was a little dangerous. My 3D camera became a casualty after only one shot, smashed to the floor when an idiot earthling collided with me. That same Zorlock landed on me two more times, apparently trying to get thrown onto the stage, knocking me down once. With no forethought, but plenty of malice, I bit the Zorlock on the leg while we were tangled on the floor. That doesn't happen every day. At 34, I'm getting way too old for this stuff.

Animation of flaming theremin

The Flaming Theremin

I'll put up a full page about the show with pictures, a setlist, audio samples of funny things they said, etc, as soon as I can. My camcorder survived the show and the quality of the recording (in stereo, no less) was better than I expected. I am VERY interested in trading video and/or audio tapes with anyone else who has taped a MOAM show. Drop me a line (kepler@metro1.com). For those who share my other passion in life, I also have original amateur MST3K convention and Best Brains studio tour video available for trading.

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