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Michael "Kimbu-Mu-Wamba" Kepler

Bobo's drawing of me

a genius trapped in the mind of a fool

a hero trapped in the body of a wimp


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Foreground image: Portrait of M.K. (c) 1997 by Byron O'Brien, except for the mouth, which I did. (original media: blue dry-erase marker on white board). Background image: signature logo of/by Michael Kepler. Animated button graphics are flying ascii bats invented by Chongo, animated by M.K.

Copyright © 1997 Michael Anthony Kepler

Please Note: This is a historical snapshot of my website from 1997, containing many broken links and other problems. To go to whatever I'm trying to pass off as the current version of my page, click here: http://www.kepler.net, or here: http://www.tygerstudios.com.