TOM SERVO is owned and copyrighted by Best Brains Inc. All of the artwork is by various TOM SERVO fans on the internet. Thanks and apologies to anyone and everyone who may or may not own any portion of what is found here. This is all presented in tribute (editorial license) and as collage (artistic license).

My Win95 SERVO startup screen

Win95 Startup screen from my laptop "Servo"

Click here to view the original gif by David Levine

      ====                                                      ====      
     /====\                                                    /====\     
    (      )                                                  (      )    
    (      )                                                  (      )    
     \====/                                                    \====/     
     |    |\                  W E L C O M E                   /|    |     
     |____|/                                                  \|____|     
    /  __  \                       T O                        /  __  \    
   |  [==]  |_                                              _|  [==]  |    
   |   ==   | }                 S E R V O                  { |   ==   |   
   |   ==   | }                                            { |   ==   |   
   |  |||\  |_}          a cheezy little notebook          {_|  /|||  |   
    \      /                 pretending to be                 \      /    
    --------                a UNIX workstation                --------    
  / // || \\ \                                              / // || \\ \  
 / //  ||  \\ \                                            / //  ||  \\ \ 
(==============)                                          (==============)


My /etc/issue for Linux and MKS

Servo Doom title screen

TOM SERVO DOOM patch by Carl Steinhilber

Click here to view an animated Gif of SERVO in action!
Click here for the SERVO DOOM death sequence
Click here to download the SERVO DOOM patch
The death sequence is a lot cooler if you work for it by killing Servo fair-and-square in the game. Only view this animation if you don't plan on playing the game with the patch. Sure, nobody plays Doom anymore, but it is really worth re-installing just to see this.

Servo DOOM best used with...

Spinning custard pie

The Custard Pie Launcher DOOM patch by Bernhard Kotzen!

Click here to download the Custard Pie Doom patch
This animation doesn't do the patch justice. For the full effect, apply both SERVO and Custard patches to DOOM and play E2M8. The patch turns the rocket launcher into a custard pie launcher, for both the player and TOM SERVO.

My SERVO Win95 shutdown screen

Win95 shutdown screen from my laptop "Servo"

All I did was add the grotty text and reformat the image. Sorry, I don't know who did the original artwork. I don't even remember from whence I downloaded it. If anybody knows, drop me ( a line so I can give proper credit here.

The background image is a slightly altered version of something I found on some ftp archive somewhere. I would like to give proper credit here to the original artist. If anyone has a clue for me, please write me (

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