Mystery Science Theater 3000

For The Unwashed: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is the best television show of all time, and it is produced by a wholesome bunch of midwestern kids at Best Brains Studios in Eden Prarie Minnesota, near Minneapolis/St. Paul. So "The Brains" are those people, get it? Ok, now that you get it, go take a bath. More biographical information can be found on my Autographs of the Brains page. The show is currently aired on the benevolent Sci-Fi Channel. THANK YOU SCI-FI CHANNEL!

The premise in one sentence: MST3K is the continuing story of one hapless yokel (Mike Nelson, formerly Joel Robinson) and two garage sale refugee robots (Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot) trapped against their will in space on the Satellite of Love (SOL) and compelled to watch bad movies by an evil pseudo-scientist (Pearl Forrester, formerly her son Dr. Clayton "Steve" Forrester and his frequently kicked sidekick TV's Frank, formerly Dr. Erhardt ) as they fight back by hurling witticisms at the movie screen. Phew! Didja get all that? Don't worry, the premise is re-explained every week in the lyrics to the theme song.

More show information, especially regarding current episodes, can be found at the OFFICIAL MST3K Web Site at the Sci-Fi Channel's site The Dominion. This page is nicely done, very current, and features original content by the Brains themselves, but it's info-pool is a little shallow. By far the most complete source for MST3K information is the semi-official and aptly-named MST3K INFO site. For links, I always start with the old favorite Deus Ex Machina even though it is not updated very frequently.

The MST3K planetoid logo is owned and copyrighted by Best Brains Inc. The Tesla coil arc image is from a photo copyright 1997 by Ben Brinkman. Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the characters and situations portrayed in the program are the copyrighted property of Best Brains Inc.

This page is intended as "fan" or "tribute" page and is not intended as a substitute for the program, any official web pages or any official merchandise or event. This page is not created or operated for profit of any kind other than the prestige of having created a really cool MST3K page.

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