Autographs of The Brains!

These autographs were all aquired in-person at the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Conventio-Con-Expo-Fest-O-Rama 2: Electric Bugaloo autograph session, with the exception of the Bradley J. Keely autograph, which was aquired in-person in the editing bay of Best Brains Studios during a studio tour. I have incorporated clip art aquired from the Conventio-Con Operations Manual and issues of The Sattelite News, with apologies and compliments to the original creators. All of the Brains were extra super gracious, especially Mr. Keely and the Murphys.

Commentary that follows should be assumed to be mostly fictional and all in good-natured fun.

Autograph of Trace Beaulieu_t

Trace Beaulieu

The dearly departed (to DreamWorks) Brain behind the evil Dr. Forrester and the wisecracking Crow T. Robot (the "T" is for "The"). Trace was also a writer on the show, and probably did a bunch of other stuff. His surname is difficult to spell and impossible to pronounce without injury, which will probably curse his career to obscurity. Crow is currently voiced by newbie Brain Bill Corbett (autograph not currently available).

Autograph of Paul Chaplin

Paul Chaplin

A writer and the Brain behind Pitch, Sandy (Pearl's boyfriend) and other occasional characters. A gun-toting John Bircher, Paul keeps the comic edge of the writing team sharp through a campaign of terror and intimidation. Or maybe that was just a weird dream I had.

Autograph of Bridgett Jones

Bridgett Jones

A writer and the Brain behind the lovely Nuveena, the disturbing Mr. B Natural, and other occasional characters. Rumor has it she is in fact married to Mike Nelson, but this is just something I made up.

Autograph of Bradley Keely

The Great Bradley J. Keely

Editor, Technical Supervisor and all-around good guy. He does everything that MaryJo (see below) doesn't do.

Autograph of Jim Mallon

Jim Mallon

Jim "Blood Fist" Mallon is "The Man" at Best Brains. He is also a giant purple female robot named Gypsy. Such contrasts, conflicts and contradictions abound in the enigmatic character of Jim Mallon, President, Producer and Performer.

Autograph of Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Second string replacement for the voice of the beloved Tom Servo, Kevin bitterly labors under the unrelenting scorn of fans who cannot accept the loss of Josh Weinstein. He also plays some kind of monkey or something, and probably some other occasional characters. He probably writes, too. I think they all write. If you call that writing.

Autograph of Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Although credited as the "head writer" of MST3K, very little is known about Mr. Michael Nelson. He is rarely seen at Best Brains Studios and doesn't share his home phone number or address with his co-workers. He IS however a world-renouned fragmaster of DOOM.

Autograph of Mary Jo Pehl

Mary Jo Pehl

The Brain behind principal character Pearl Forrester, and a writer. Ok, let's face it, MaryJo is THE writer. In fact, she is the only Brain willing to lift a finger when deadline time rolls around. Entire episodes have been written singlehandedly by MaryJo, while the rest of the so-called "writing team" languishes in the local Perkins restaurant.

Sadly Absent Autographs:

Jef "Scrotar" Maynard

TV's Frank Conniff

Joel Hodgson

Josh Weinstein

Bill "Brain Guy" Corbett

Jeff Stonehouse

Any and all other Brains, past and present

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