Autographs or... ASTRO-graphs?

These autographs were all aquired in-person after the July 13, 1996 Man, or... Astro-Man? concert at the squalid Satyricon in Portland, OR.

Autograph of Birdstuff


Drummer and writer of tour diaries. The notation above the signature, "this is not the moon" refers to the scene on the cover of "Destroy all Astro-men!", which he was signing. I had suggested that it might be Earth's Moon, which is absurd considering how un-Earthly the planetoid in the sky appears.

Autograph of Coco

CoCo the Electronic Monkey Wizard

The orange tornado at the center of MOAM, CoCo does most of the talking during the shows, sings beyond the range of human hearing, plays the sampler, the bass and guitar, and a really mean theremin. He also builds and activates the Tesla coils and maintains the official MOAM website. Other than that, he doesn't do much.

Autograph of Dexter-X

Dexter-X the Man from Planet Q

Guitar and bass. Replacement unit for defective Dr. Deleto. As another fan put it: "Dexter is totally DEVO!"

Autograph of Starcrunch


Guitar and singing. The most RAWKING guitar player since Dick Dale. The musical center of the band.

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