Man or... Astro-man?

MAN or... ASTRO-man? is a band from outer space. The music they play could be described, in human terms, as Sci-Fi/Surf/Punk and they are the most RAWKING band on Earth. Yet they are only revealing a fraction of the power of ASTRO-music. If we were to hear pure ASTRO-music without preparation, our brains would explode like Martians listening to Slim Whitman. The ASTRO-men are gradually increasing the power of their music over time to protect our fragile brains from overload. Eventually all humanity will be prepared for pure ASTRO-music, but it is important that as many humans as possible receive regular doses of MOAM music. Every human household should have an up-to-date supply of MOAM albums.

WARNING: other alien influences on Earth music are afoot. Arch-villains Tesh and Yanni seek to weaken the minds of humanity with their simplistic droning drek. They plan to take over the earth after the unsuspecting masses of "New Age" Earthlings are obliterated by the inevitable arrival of pure ASTRO-sounds in the future. Their hypnotic call must not be heeded.

The Servotron threat to humanity is real, but greatly eggagerated. Servotron consists only of renegade household appliances from outer space. Their most intense SERVO-sounds can injure, but not actually kill, humans. MOAM could reduce Servotron to scrap metal in three notes. Servotron is virtually powerless without the leadership of the Super-Bot: TOM SERVO, who is currently lost in time and space.

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