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Re: [ASTRO] signing off

hey michael

thanks for the message.
and thanks for creating your web page-I  was an occasional visitor and was
always entertained by the presentation. and I do remember you from La Luna-one
of two or three who could stand to watch us soundcheck.
I appreciate it.
I am starting a new band along with some other projects. I will keep you

now I just have to figure out how this electronic stuff works...

Michael Kepler wrote:

> Mr. Crunch,
> If possible, please let me know if/when you join or form another
> band.  Let's face it, MOA? music was/is centered around the lead
> guitar.  The Alpha clones, even trading lead lines between the two
> players, couldn't hold a candle to you.  My hopes for the future of
> MOA? are sinking.
> You guys had a great run and you worked very hard. I don't feel cheated
> or let down, just a little sad that there won't be any more MOA?
> as I know it.
> I never talked to you much, but you might know me as "Mookie",
> or "that guy with the Astro Science webpage", or "that guy that
> send us videos of our Portland shows".
> Thank you and good luck,
> Michael "Mookie" Kepler
> http://www.ipinc.net/~kepler
> On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, brian c wrote:
> > .. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]
> >
> > hi-
> > star crunch here.
> > I am posting this message to let all of you know that I am leaving man
> > or astro-man? this departure comes as a result of recent talks with the
> > band that revealed increasing differences of opinions of what the entity
> > known as man or astro-man actually is. It made the most sense for me to
> > leave.
> >
> > as co-creator of the band, I have spent the last seven years wondering
> > this planet in "search of parts for our spaceship". I found much more
> > than I ever looked for-new friends, great bands, exciting places, wrong
> > notes, and lots of foul smelling rock and roll clubs. I value them all
> > knowing that I had some of the best experiences of my life.
> >
> > as far as the future-I am recording with the astromen again sometime
> > this fall for some assorted projects already in the works. It is
> > doubtful that I will ever tour with them again.  the upcoming european
> > tour will feature replacements for both dexter and myself.
> >
> > I wish the best for the band and their conquest to take over this giant
> > revolving rock. if you have any questions or are interested in my future
> > musical endeavors contact me via email.
> > thanks to all of you who listen.
> >
> > not the first man who fell to earth
> > s. crunch
> >
> >
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