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[ASTRO] Re: Issues of being too hasty & signing off..

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---tom kenkel <tom.my@juno.com> wrote:
> .. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]
> man....gawd...now i'm going to have to redo my poster idea.  i'm
> it won't be as impresive without 2 important guitar aliens...who's
> want a picture of a drummer and a theremin alien?

Don't underestimate the market for that!
I personally am 95% (25 hours) completed with a MoA? poster in which
all 4 are depicted as action figures with packaging. I was awaiting
tour dates to validate this image and complete it. That's all up in
the air now... perhaps some tribute piece...? Kinda goes against the
grain of how I work.

> any info on replacements...and live pictures of replacements...would
> appreciated to nearly no end.

Now, you're being way too hasty!

Keep them Starcrunch wrappers at half mast...
"...rock with me Joseph Alberto Santiago..."

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