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[ASTRO] Ghost in the machine

.. begin astro-transmission [X-HJIKE27.W4]

Friends, Aliens, and Earthmen,
let's all be irrational and start a few rumours here. This departure
from the band by Star Crunch is just a hoax. He? and Man or Astroman?
are only actualizing and manipulating the clone project beta. Remember
S.Crunch only stated that he was DOUBTFUL that he would ever TOUR with
Man or Astroman? again. He openly admitted to recording plans for future
projects in the fall and...? The clone project beta concept gives 'the
core 3' primarily only studio responsiblities and the freedom to play
live randomly and under any guise. Astro time can be more effeciently
spent experimenting with the appropriate path to world conquest. I
suspect a few you already suspected this as did 'weirdo' in Belgium.
--this message will self destruct
  .........over and out --

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