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[ASTRO] Re: signing off

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Say it ain't so! please????

Well...this announcement is a shock. I'm just...gahhh...I dunno. I think that
perhaps there is a correlation between this and the clone tour. Perhaps a
training session for possible Starcrunch and Dexter replacements? (ack
ack...overwhelming saddness)
This seems as though it might be the case...especially since this announcement
came directly after the end of the Alpha Clone tour. Hmm.
Nooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm just so thankful that I had the opportunity to see
them live. There was talk of a tour soon to follow the clone tour...and
carolyn saw that ad for a show...so is this a final tour with the four guys?
Are Starcrunch and Dexter going to do a last tour? What about Servotron?? 

I was thinking about Coco and Birdstuff having all those other bands as well.
I hope they continue to do Man or Astroman and gahhhh how depressing! oh oh oh

 Starcrunch and Dexter -- you will be sorely missed!!! 

glum leslie

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