Welcome puny earthlings...

The T-Shirts were mailed Today! ! (11/05/96)

So you should be getting it Very soon... There is one sure way to reserve a place for yourself in the future,
and that is by donating yourself to Man or Astro-man? research Laboratories!
That's right, your only hope is to become a Voluntary Astrro-Specimen!

Here is the scoop...

We have so many experiments to do with you earthlings, that rounding up specimens becomes too time consuming, SO.....by using what is disquised as a fan-club, we are able to make you submit with ease, hence incresing our vast efficiency!

Here is how we pacify you:

you get....


here is where you send your silly earth dollars
(send money orders or checks please no cash!)

Man or Astro-man? Voluntary Astro-Specimen Group

PO Box 250376
Atlanta, GA 30325
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