*Important Disclaimers, Please Read (my ass may depend on it):

Andy Warhol US Stamp Johannes Kepler German Stamp arthack fake german Johannes Kepler stamp in the style of Andy Warhol

This site is in no way affiliated with the estate or any representative of Andy Warhol. To his credit, Andy Warhol has become such an icon of modern and pop art that invocation of his name is virtually a generic reference to the form. Nor is this site affiliated in any way with the Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech, NASA, Cornell, or any other government or private institution or contractor thereto, other than the site author's inclusion, as a tax-paying citizen of the United States of America, in the public ownership of the intellectual work product of publicly funded government projects. That might have sounded a little cheeky, but it wasn't meant that way. The author of this site has the greatest respect and esteem for everyone involved in the Mars Explorer Rover project, and the many other NASA/JPL research and exploration efforts. The author of this site also gets a little kick out of referring to himself in the third person, just like Bob Dole.

These images are not appropriate for determining the accurate color, size or shape of objects on mars, and thus do not form an appropriate basis for any scientific study. Serious researchers should refer directly to http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov, and other official sources for imagery and other data needed for meaningful interpretation.

All of these images are derived from raw images provided by NASA/JPL at http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov This started as an honest effort to produce approximate true color images based upon the greyscale images taken by the pancams through R/G/B filters. Since I started this effort before doing much research into the filters used, there were a few accidental false-color images which in their lurid absurdity reminded me of some of the paintings made by Andy Warhol which resembled crudely hand-tinted black-and-white photographs. So, I got a little silly and started using the wrong filters on purpose, even after I figured out which ones were (usually) right. So there you have it. Since then, I have added some of the more successful attempts at approximate true color images to the site, as well as lots of anaglyphs from stereo pancam, navcam, and hazcam image pairs, with manually adjusted registration and cropping.

Textual content Copyright 2005 by Michael "Mookie" Kepler. All modifications and collages of NASA/JPL images, which excludes the icons for my Resume and Mookie Melodies pages, are released to the Public Domain, inasmuch as it may be within my rights to do so (frankly, not entirely sure about that).

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