3D Anaglyphs derived from Mars Exploration Rover imagery

Red lens over Left eye - Blue lens over Right eye

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Click here to see my crappy attempt at making a 3D anaglyph panorama from the Opportunity Navcam shots on Sol 057. Click here to see that the NASA/JPL folks made much better ones.

Pot of Gold, imaged by MER-2 (Spirit) Rover

Say hello to El Capitan!

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My second semi-successful attempt at a stereo mosaic, this time from recent images taken by the pancam on Opportunity. A few more done, which I will add to thumbnails soon.

Spirit Trench Anaglyph.

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My first semi-successful attempt at a stereo mosaic, four pancam shots from each camera, taken by Spirit on Sol 050. As always, my relative alignment, rotation and scaling of images is entirely subjective and thus this image has little or no science or engineering value. But it looks pretty spiffy, if you don't look far beyond the center.

Opportunity Trench Anaglyph.

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Trench dug by Opportunity on Sol 23, pretty cool, huh?
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Notes on Anaglyph images

You'll need red/blue 3D glasses (red lens over left eye, blue lens over right eye) and reasonably good vision in both eyes to get the full effect. Cardboard 3D glasses with plastic lenses are cheap and widely available, including a number of online retailers. Just search Google (or better yet http://www.froogle.com) for "3D anaglyph glasses" and go shopping. You may already have a pair around the house if you went to see "Spy Kids 3D", or bought the 3D Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a couple of years ago.

These are derived from the raw images on the NASA/JPL mars rover program web site. I have endeavored to feature scenes which have not been featured in anaglyph form in the official NASA/JPL press releases.

Please note that I have manually adjusted the registration of the stereo image pairs, so these anaglyphs are not appropriate for rangefinding or determining the true size and shape of objects on Mars. Also please note that all of the stereo camera pairs on the rovers are "hyper-stereo", which means that the horizontal parallax is greatly eggagerated due to the camera lenses being spaced much further apart than human eyes are. Thus the subjective perception of depth and size, especially absent of any common objects to provide relative scale, is going to be very misleading (but pretty cool-looking). Objects nearest in some scenes are often prone to be over-displaced and may appear as double images even through the 3D glasses.

Many more Mars Exploration Rover anaglyphs are coming very soon, along with proper captioning of rover, sol and time for all of them. Enjoy!

Textual content Copyright 2004 by Michael "Mookie" Kepler. All modifications and collages of NASA/JPL images, which excludes the icons for my Resume and Mookie Melodies pages, are released to the Public Domain, inasmuch as it may be within my rights to do so (frankly, not entirely sure about that).

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